All our fabulous flavors are just $2.50

The Specials

At least four of these will be on board every day.

Fudge peanut butter   Chocolate cake, fudge filling, peanut butter icing. Sigh.

Red velvet   With cream cheese icing. Unofficially called the Scarlet Knight, in honor of our alma mater. RU rah-rah.

S’mores   Vanilla cake stuffed with marshmallow cream, topped with chocolate icing, dusted with graham cracker crumbs and crowned with a marshmallow/chocolate bar/Teddy Graham trio just for fun.

Lemon creamsicle   Vanilla cake with lemon filling and and icing that tastes like, well, a lemon creamsicle. If you like lemon, you’re gonna swoon.

Chocolate caramel coconut   Chocolate cake soaked with caramel, topped with coconut icing. Like the Girl Scout cookie, only better.

Caramel apple   Vanilla cake, apple filling, cream cheese icing drizzled with caramel and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Chocolate 2.0   Chocolate cake, fudge in the middle, chocolate icing, fudge on top. Need we say more?

Blueberry cheesecake   Vanilla cake with a luscious blueberry pie center and cream cheese icing.

Cherry cheesecake   Just like above, only with cherry in the middle instead of blueberry.


The Standards

What kind of cupcake truck would we be if we didn’t have the best chocolates and vanillas in South Jersey.

Old-fashioned chocolate   Our chocolate cake is delicate and springy, like devil’s food. The icing is light and fluffy, like mousse. The jimmies are chocolate and are not called sprinkles – we’re in South Jersey, remember?

Classic vanilla   Moist vanilla cake, creamy vanilla icing, rainbow jimmies.


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